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You can't part the Blinds
By driving a car at them
Unless you honk your horn
- at least you shouldn't -
But nobody minds
If it's in another country
So don't part the Blinds
Part the Red Red Sea

You can't part your hair
By making it multiply
With one on top
of any other number
But no-one'll care
If the number's a nobody's
So don't part your hair
Part the Red Red Sea's!

Don't you see?
NO!  Our unity
is you not be-
ing there:
And we
Should never have to part
The blinds, the hair, the blinds, the hair

I can't pardon me
For the triviality
Of mine or any other minor talent
But then, nobody
Said "Shut up and start the tea "
It's "Don't part the blinds part the Red Red"
"Don't part your hair part the Red Red"
Don't pardon me, part the Red, Red,

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