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Growing up in the choir,
Long before she said, ‘Fuck it’,
TV burned with the fire that bright needle poured out
And maybe Mom’s gonna buy her
A Solid Fuel Rocket
But it’s hard to believe we're in Heaven now
And it's hard to believe we're in Heaven now

She got a few inches higher
She got a boyfriend in prison
She'd began to expire so her Dad threw her out.
So it's first her desire,
Then the girl who just isn't
So her folks could believe they're in Heaven now
So her folks could believe they're in Heaven now

I don't know how acquired,
What went in or who stuck it
I only know we all hope to get higher but not how
The cancer burned like fire
Through a solid fuel rocket
And I'm supposed to believe she's in Heaven now.

By the bare green grave
When the service was over
Some declared she'd been saved, others weren't so inclined
I was not there to say:
"She's with Jesus, her lover: they’re both of them nowhere but everyone's mind"
'Cos I'm still here today
As the fates of my friends are
Playing out the same way for the planet outside
And I think of May;
How it wasn't the cancer
Her “helpers” were otherwise occupied

A deficiency virus,
Or patriotism
Can get in with the fires those bright needles poured out.
I never was her supplier
But I should be in prison
You're supposed to believe you're in Heaven now 

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