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POWER IN THE BLOOD (Pontius Pilate Speaks to America)

What you need to understand
You'd be perfect at my job,
Catching up with people giving you B. S.
Like this Guy who forced my hand
With His "blah blah blah
blah" - exactly like a monotheist

There is power in the blood of the Lamb
There is power in the blood of the Lamb
So I nailed Him to a cross and I never gave a damn
There is Power
In the blood of the Lamb

Well you needed an example
For starving folks next door
Where you can't have people gettin' themselves presents
So you cremated Vietnam
And you killed a whole lot more
Than the local 2, 3 million peasants

'Cos there is power in the blood of the Lamb...

Well there used to be Death Squads
Mostly aren't anymore
Some got nailed, the others learned to be patient
Now they have Structural Adjust-
Ment, one of them's El Salvador
Like my guy that died of suffocation

Your aid budget isn't lost
'Cos you're getting double out
From those loan shark loans to monsters in Khaki
It's a Nazi Holocaust
Every year or thereabouts
And the ones that left as slaves are lucky

There is Power in the Blood of the Lamb...

Some had been driven in the Mud
And they mostly wanted Soil
But you stuck 'em in the Sand where you'd need 'em

'Cos really anybody's Blood
Can be converted into Oil
For later processing back into Freedom

Now if they're ready to attack
When you need 'em then they're fine
Mixing dynamite with racists and Heaven:

Which if it blows will make Iraq
(the way that now does Palestine)
Look as trivial as 9-11

Well you stood there in your smocks
With a map of DNA
And you synthesized a poliovirus
Which is simpler than smallpox
But they'll get there any day
And then you'll find out who are your admirers

So I'm not saying if you're right
Or if it's just a metaphor
All you folks nothing apparently fazes;
But if you're praying that my plight
Is an eternity of torture
You know he'll send your ass to blazes:

There is power in the blood of the Lamb
There is Power in the blood of the Lamb
And it won't achieve a thing but you're gonna give a damn
And all it's gonna take is one Grief-Crazed Man
To speak the only language that you can understand...

So if He nails you to The Cross and He never gives a damn
There is Power in the Blood of the Lamb.


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