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Well I am happy with ...
The way my Father made me
- which is by sticking his array into my Mom -
'Cos every day you're telling me
The pecker I turned out to be
It means I'm only being true to where I'm from

And I am proud to be
An Okie from Musgokie
Or anyplace that they don't treat me like I'm scum
If that's my one way to be proud
The one true thing that I'm allowed
Well then I'm only being true to where I'm from

It shouldn't take you being born again in Jesus
It shouldn't make you that you're from some foreign land
But I can't go back to the womb and be born a genius
And you won't pay me to do anything I can
I get no play for doing nothing and I seen yez
I seen the way you're going to stick it to the Man
As far as I can see that means he talks like me
So please forgive me if I don't get with the plan

My liberal friends, the day
Your pissy golden trickle
Gives over to the blinding white of Kingdom Come
'll I hear you wish the folks you'd used'd
been left a little left to lose
Or will you just be self-excused 'cos I'm so dumb
'Til then I'm only being true
I Am Only Being True
And I'm only being true to where I'm from.

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