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Why save the planet?
There's so little left and you're
not full now.
You can Zip-lock, Saran it
We've tasted the best of it
It goes bad for all your fanat-
icism can do:
And you've both of you started to turn:
Freeze or burn or burn or burn

Here comes the Rapture
We're taken up bodily
Shows and Chauffeurs
And it's just like you've snapped you're
Upset that we gotta leave
those leftovers
Your new bag that you're wrapped up in
Has room for you
Do they have the time, do they, to learn? 
Freeze or burn or burn or burn ...

That whole saving the planet to save it's been tried
by the Guy with the bagels and lox
Did you think about thinking outside of the box,
there are some of us thinking outside
of the box -
And if that's only trickledown isn't it better
than all of us down on our knees
To your deep freeze, to your deep freeze, to your deep, deep, freeze

Some say the planet will
End in desire
And some from hate
As you with the vanity
To aim for higher
Just demonstrate
You're all mad.
If humanity has to expire
It's unlimited by our concern:
We can freeze or burn
freeze or burn
Freeze or burn or burn or burn,
Or burn or burn or burn or burn or

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