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It's a free country, we're proud to be in it
So we'll drain the last drop of our beers
We've been shaping this country for fifteen minutes
each four years

It's a kibbitzer's heaven to kibbitz
But we're not giving in to our fears
And we're not giving nothing but fifteen minutes
each four years

There are those who will tell you "Your vote doesn't matter:
Stay home, watch shows that night"
And if that's all we're doing on all of the others
It doesn't mean they're right!
No it doesn't mean they're right!

There's a donkey and you get to pin it
The results will be framed as Vermeers
When we finally get round to our fifteen minutes
each four years

They'll say "Freedom's not free"
but it is if you pick it
with no blood sweat or tears
So we'll scratch at our instant-win lottery ticket
There's a green volunteer who knows where you can stick it
The machine's made for tricking we hope that they'll trick it
It'd mean someone still cares

You may think that democracy's finished:
But it's not as bleak as it appears
'Cos it's not like we're gonna miss
fifteen minutes
each four years
And we're talking (if we're serious)
fifteen minutes
each four years.

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