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Honey, don't kick the TV
If it won't play your shows
If there's a world full of sunny people that you want to see but it just snows
If the screen is full of ghosts that you didn't put there
Or if it won't pick up most of all this stuff in the air,
It's a brainless machine, no use being angry;
Honey please
go easy on me

Honey, don't kick the TV
If it won't play the Game
If it won't bring you lifestyles of fortune and fame
If the dialogue is not always "Murder She Wrote"
Or if your remote control could never be sufficiently remote
It's a thing and it's being the best it can be
Honey please
go easy on me

Honey please,
Honey go easy on the TV
We've all got these things we can't now,
things we don't want to, see;
And all the program decisions that I don't know who makes
As if it's late-breaking news each night that everything breaks
And in between, all the shows
(they must take fifteen takes)
In which somebody gets to be Free
And I know that's not you dear,
And it sure isn't
Well, in the

Days we've still to go
It'll be sitting there
Too expensive to replace and yes I know too cheap to repair
And it's sad that you don't always get what they say
Though the damn thing was working eight hours today
It's a dumb little thing, I'm prepared to agree only please don't break the TV
Honey please
go easy on me


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